The 7th annual conference will take place in Kentucky on
Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Check back soon for details


                    NARAC 6th Annual National Conference

September 26, 2018
Judge Memorial High School

Salt Lake City, Utah

        Survey and Research

National meeting survey and presentations available.
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NARAC serves to bring together, on a national level, the interests and concerns of regionally based admission professionals (regionals.)   It is estimated that there are over 800 regionals in the country.  Many have formed into regional groups with the aim of supporting each those regional in a geographic area.    Currently there are 22 established groups  (See Regional Groups.).  Many regional groups have expanded on their initial mission of supporting members and have begun hosting college access events in their regions.  Becoming a powerful ally in the college counseling landscape, regionals have created a sustained impact in the areas where they live and work, away from their campuses. 


The movement to organize a national group has its seeds in a 2006 meeting in Pittsburgh, PA at the NACAC Conference.  Since, there have been five national meetings and increased dialog and collaboration between regional groups.  Documentation and reports from the previous conferences, including the 2017 Boston conference can be found here.


For information on establishing or supporting regionals, visit our resource page.