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 2023 NARAC Survey Results
  Survey Data and presentations now available in the Documents section of the web site


NARAC serves to bring together, on a national level, the interests and concerns of regionally based admission professionals (regionals.) It is estimated that there are nearly 1,100 regionals in the country, representing colleges and universities throughout the world, according to our 2022 Survey. Many regionals have formed into regional groups with the aim of supporting each other in their territories.   


Currently there are 27 established Regional GroupsMany regional groups have expanded on their initial mission of supporting members and have begun hosting college access events in their regions. Becoming a powerful ally in the college counseling landscape, regionals have created a sustained impact in the areas where they live and work, away from their campuses. 


For information on establishing or supporting regionals, visit our resource page.


The movement to organize a national group has its seeds in a 2006 meeting in Pittsburgh, PA at the NACAC Conference. Our first official national meeting took place in Denver, CO in October of 2012. Since, there have been eight national meetings, multiple virtual events and increased dialog and collaboration between regional groups.  Documentation and reports from the previous conferences can be found here.


The year 2022 marked the tenth anniversary of NARAC.  


For detailed inquires to NARAC, please visit the Specific Inquiries PageHere we will assist (1) colleges and universities considering regional model (2) Regionally-based counselor looking to connect with or the establish an Affiliate Regional Group and (3) high school, CBO, Transfer and Independent counselor with feedback or questions for regionally-based admission counselors and the Affiliate Regional Groups.  


To access the NARAC 2022 Profile - click here. 

     Survey and Research


To access the 2023 Survey Data and presentations, as well as past surveys and other documents pertaining to the Regional profession, visit the Documents section of the web site