Thank you to all who completed the 2023 Survey. The results are provided below. Find access to the Looker Studio Report, the raw data, the recorded Winter Meeting presentation.  Additionally, survey results will be featured at ACAC Conferences.   

2024 Winter Meeting Recording

2023 NARAC Survey Data Set - Raw Data
NARAC Survey 2023 Data for All Regionals[...]
Microsoft Excel sheet [314.3 KB]
2024 State of NARAC Meeting Poll Results
State of NARAC2024_PollReport.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [528.7 KB]


Future Survey Comment Form

Please use this form to make comments and suggestions about future NARAC Surveys. 

Survey Details

      ·   Distributed by Affiliate Group Liaisons in August

      ·   Must be complete by October 15, 2023

      ·   Result available in Winter of 2024

      ·   Only to be complete by regional admission counselors

Survey significance:

  • Our most recent survey was conducted in Spring of 2022
  • The information we collect (and share) is used by offices looking to launch and expand regional positions.
  •  The data we collect can help regionals (YOU!) with salary, benefit, workload and cost of living negotiations.

Important notes for survey completers:

  •  Disclaimer: the survey is long and needs to be completed in one sitting (plan for 45-60 minutes)
  •  Responses will be anonymous, to the best of our ability
  •  While any one individual could complete the survey more than once (but, why would you?!), subsequent answers will be deleted
  •  Most data will be publicly accessible on the NARAC website – demographic data will be removed from the public dataset in our effort to keep all information anonymous
  •  Data will be presented virtually by NAARAC in Spring of 2024 as well as at future ACAC Conferences and event. 
  •  Completion deadline: October 15, 2023

To see result from previous survey, visit the Documents and Roster Tab

For questions about the national survey - click here

To make suggestions or comments for future surveys - click here 

2022 National Survey Results

2022 NARAC Survey Data Presentation
NARAC 2022 Survey Data Presentation.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
2022 NARAC Salary and CoL Survey Data Presentation
NARAC 2022 Salary and CoL Survey Data Pr[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.5 MB]
2022 NARAC Salary Data Set - Raw Data
2022 NARAC Survey Dataset.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [322.7 KB]