Inquiry and Feedback Surveys

Please complete the appropriate survey to connect with NARAC about regionally-based admissions

College and University

NARAC will support your institutions  efforts to establishing a regional program at your institution.  In addition to our resources page on the web site, we provide guidance directly enrollment leaders as they implement or enhance a regional model.  


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Regionally-Based Counselors

If you are not currently a member of an affiliate regional group, we want to hear from you.  We can assist in the formation of new groups. Use the from below to connect with NARAC leaders who can assist in the formation of new groups, as well as assisting in regional group growth and programming

College Counselors

Have a thought, comment or something to share about regional reps or the Regional Affiliate Groups – we would want hear from you. NARAC can connect you to regionals in your area and can provide thoughts on how you can partner with regional reps and regional groups whether you serve students as a college counselor, IEC, or CBO leader.